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Kerri R. Klein lives in the East Bay with her spouse, three children & assorted fauna.

She has an MFA in photography, likes weird alternative photo/printmaking techniques, makes paper to keep her hands messy & poetry to quiet her fidgety mind.

She is a natural light photographer who is in love with the landscape, whether it is a mountain vista or an alley. She loves photographing the magic that happens when a family or a couple or a person just lives their life as they do, without props or fancy filters.

She is always excited about new projects and ideas.

She loves to garden but has been moving too much. She has managed to grow a volunteer tomato thicket this year, so there is that.

She plans to settle soon enough in the land of her chosen tribe in the Sierras, where somewhere a house & a couple of acres awaits invasion by the aforementioned family & fauna.