New Year, New Goals.

Calla Lilies

This year I am recentering.

So many things are going on out there in the world. I feel a strong need to ground myself in my strengths and my craft.

I’m beefing up my vintage shop after a long hiatus, mostly due to small children and Etsy burnout. So keep an eye out there for great finds that I’ve been hauling around California for a while-I’m finally unpacking and putting it all out there in the world. I’ve also made some new-old Etsy friends and we have a collective, and we are coming for you with our fabulous wares.

I’m also going to focus on really getting my photographer mojo back. The world is a weird place for a formally educated analog photographer who got thrown into the world of digital after grad school and had to learn to sink or swim. Suddenly what I spent my  life learning to teach others and create was mostly obsolete and existed merely as a nostalgic idea, a thing to dabble in whose tools are becoming more and more expensive and impossible. In truth we all saw it coming back then but I couldn’t have fathomed what the world of social media would do to visual media and how completely saturated and impossible it would feel to try and have a real career.

I mean, everyone is a photographer now. I’m SO excited that we’re all seeing things and documenting them and so many more people than ever before have access to tools that let them express themselves visually and share it with other humans.

But where does that leave me when it comes to trying to rebuild my craft and business after a decade of just being a wife and mother? It’s overwhelming and scary. But I DO know there’s only one me and I’m the only one with my eyes and my history.

There are ways to navigate this world, and I like the challenge of impossible.

Bring it, 2017.


  1. Nan Bolger

    This is inspiring.

    As another who used to go into the darkroom to seek out the true image hidden in that negative, it is indeed odd that I likely will never do that again.

    But like you, I am truly happy that so many people are looking freshly at the world and showing us what they see…

  2. Beverly Kedzior

    Very inspiring! I will check in often!

  3. I’ve got friends who end up shooting videos for Kickstarters or photographs for what-have-you events and things.

    It’s got to be very weird to go thru this photo transition, but also, I know there’s still a spot for someone who really knows their stuff.

    • kerri

      Agreed! I am figuring it out and finding my way. Slowly a picture of what my work future may look like is appearing…and it is different than I thought it might be yet uses all of the elements of my education…so it goes!

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